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Please check back shortly for a call for contributions to a number of extended, post-conference publications .

International Journal of Forecasting Journal Publication
Selected papers will be invited to submit full papers to a special issue on "Forecasting with Neural Networks" of the International Journal
of Forecasting (IJF), published by Elsevier and indexed in ISI SCI, Science Direct etc.).

The International Journal of Forecasting is the leading journal in its field. It is the official publication of the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) and shares its aims and scope. More information about the IIF may be found on the Internet at http://www.forecasters.org

The International Journal of Forecasting publishes high quality refereed papers covering all aspects of forecasting. Its objective (and that of the IIF) is to unify the field, and to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The intention is to make forecasting useful and relevant for decision and policy makers who need forecasts. The journal places strong emphasis on empirical studies, evaluation activities, implementation research and ways of improving the practice of forecasting. It is open to many points of view and encourages debate to find solutions for problems facing the field.

Bibliographic & ordering Information
ISSN: 0169-2070
Commenced publication 1985

  Edited Volume Publication

In addition, we are seeking a full publication of extended papers in an edited book “Advances of Neural Forecasting”, subject to acceptance by the editors (pending).


  Conference Proceedings Publications

Papers submitted to conferences with proceedings (IEEE IJCNN'07 and DMIN'07) will also be published in the respective proceedings (all indexed by ISI SCI, DBLP etc.).



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