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Neural Forecasting Competition @ IJCNN'10
The 2010 IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks
July 18-23, 2009 - Barcelona, Spain

General IJCNN Conference Info

IJCNN is the premier international conference in the area of neural networks theory, analysis and applications. It is organized by the International Neural Networks Society (INNS) and sponsored jointly by INNS and the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. This is an exemplary collaboration between the two leading societies on neural networks and it provides a solid foundation for the future extensive development of the field.

IJCNN 2010 will feature invited plenary talks by world-renowned speakers, a variety of special sessions and panel discussions. It will have pre-conference tutorials and workshops, as well as regular technical sessions, poster sessions, and series of social functions.

Please visit the conference webpage http://www.wcci2010.org/ announcing the NN GC Time Series Forecasting Competition for additional information and the workshop schedule

Abstract Submission to present at IJCNN'10 special session

Until our special session is finally announced please submitt full papers to a joint special session:

  • on the submission website http://www.wcci2010.org/submission follow to the bottom of the page

  • klick on --> IJCNN or IEEE-CEC 2010 or FUZZ-IEEE 2010 (special session in all conferences)

  • Select the special session "S093 Computational Intelligence in Forecasting (chaired by Stepnicka, Donate and Crone)"

All accepted papers will be eligible for oral presentation.


Submissions to the new 2009 NN GC1 competition

A set of 6 small datasets of transportation data are available at (www.neural-forecasting-competition.com). The competition data consist of different datasets, each with 11 time series of a different time series frequency of yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly data. A competitor must submit at least predictions on one dataset (reduced set of 11 series) of the 6 datasets to be eligible to participate in the workshop. Over the course of the competition competitors will be encouraged to submit predictions on all 6 datasets (complete set of 66 series). All those planning to submit predictions on at least one datasets or all 6 of the datasets are invited to submit abstracts describing their methods for presentation at the 2010 WCCI conference.


Submissions to the past NN3 & NN5 competitions

In addition we also invite participants from the past NN3 and NN4 competitions to submit abstracts and present their earlier submissions at WCCI'10. Our aim is to provide those that have participated in previous competitions at the IJCNN'07 and WCCI'08 or ISF'07/08 and DMIN'07/08 conferences, and that were unable to attend before, with the opportunity to present their original methodology and possible extensions and revisions since then . We hope this will disseminate best practices on how to predict time series data of different time frequencies to a wider audience, in particular due to its relevance for the corresponding datasets with similar time series frequency in the 1st NN Grand Challenge (NN GC1).  


Conference Presentations 

-       Presentations are restricted to NN3, NN5 and NN GC1 competition participants (those that have submitted predictions on the NN3 or NN5 datasets in the past or will submit predictions for the NN GC1 by the deadline). Presentations of those submitting abstracts without predictions at NN3, NN5 or NN GC1 (by the prediction submission deadline) will be cancelled and will not be eligible to present.

-     Presentations held in the past at other NN3, NN5 or NN GC conference sessions (e.g. ISF'08 and DMIN'08) do not rule out a presentation at WCCI'10 - you can present at multiple conference sessions, and we welcome your input to the IJCNN community, as long as the paper has not been published before!

-       In order to present at the NN GC1 session those accepted must register to attend the WCCI'10 conference


If you are interested, but are running into problems with your submission or the deadlines, please contact the organizers immediately! We look forward to welcoming you in Barcelona!


Tba - Registration via the conference website in order to ensure a place for presentation.

Dates & Deadlines

31 January 2010
7 February 2010

Deadline for full paper submission to WCCI'10 (extended, passed)
15  March 2010 Notification of acceptance
2 May 2010 Final paper submission
23 May 2010 Deadline for early registration
18-23 June 2010 WCCI'10 Special Session, Barcelona, Spain
  Predictions submissions due for datasets C (monthly) & E (daily) of tournament 1
  Predictions submissions due for datasets A (yearly) & B (quarterly) of tournament 1
  Predictions submissions due for datasets D (weekly) & F (hourly) of tournament 1
  Conference Workshops



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